Knox Beer Snobs

Woodruff – Captain’s Winter Ale

Howdy fellow snobs!

I think winter has finally arrived – it’s a bit chilly around fabulous Knox-vegas! However, I think I have something that’ll warm you right up. Our friends down at Woodruff Brewing Company have been working on something special for all of us, something a little different, something tasty! These guys have come up with a nice winter seasonal based off of an “old ale” style brew and I had a chance to try it the other day. Usually when we do a review we try to have the beer in hand as we write but we drank all of the growler so I’m going off of my scrawled notes and a cherished memory. Here we go:

As I mentioned above, this is an old ale that they have lovingly called Captain’s Winter Ale. This beer pours dark and has the body similar to a porter – dark throughout and redish around the edges. On the nose you get caramel, chocolate and vanilla. This beer has a great mouth, isn’t heavy and has hops throughout. This is a strong beer that definitely lingers on your tongue and is very easy to drink.

Final snobs: GREAT job guys, really enjoyed this one. Definitely a fun, tasty seasonal brew to check out!

This is a limited release – only about 260 gallons and will be released today. So get on down to Woodruff Brewing Company and check it out.