The Casual Pint

Well howdy all.  I hope this new year finds you a little more healthy, wealthy, wise and a bit inebriated.  Enjoy it now cause as far as the Mayans are concerned this year is 0ur last.  Now might be the time to share that bottle of Dark Lord you have been hiding away in your basement.  At any rate 2011 has been a big year for The KnoxBeerSnobs and all that love and support craft beer.  We have seen many great craft beer purveyors open their doors for our patiently awaiting taste buds.  We saw our own Marble City Brewing Company open their doors, Vic’s Package Store, Bearden Beer Market and Leaf and Ale made it a point to say goodbye to the fizzy yellow clones and did their best to introduce Knoxville to the ever-changing palate pleasing world that craft beer can bring.  I personally attended five craft beer festivals and in these five two, the Knoxville Brewfest and Kingsport Octoberfest, were the first annual. Yesssssiiir.

I recently had the pleasure to visit with Nathan at his newly opened Casual Pint.  The name pretty much describes the vibe.  A s soon as you walk in the door you are greeted by the wide open areas, industrial feel and angled shelves holding their brew treasures.  You have plenty of room to browse the hundreds of beer selections without getting in the way of the more experienced BeerSnob making a bee line for his favorites.  I recommend you head to either the 10 tap beautiful wood bar area to grab a pint or you can pick a bottle from the cooler and pop it open to enjoy while you make your choice on what to bring home today.  I have to go back to the cooler for a minute.  One thing you can do here is pick a six of all beers currently on sale in the store.  Not to excited on putting down 15 bucks on a full sixer to get home, pop one open and get pissed at your choice wondering what am I going to do with the other five?  Worry no more Snobs.  Problem solved.  Are you someone who has not figured out how to leave home without their computer?  Well there is free WiFi floating all around this place so you can get that cool pick of Rob or I posted on Facebook straight away.

There is also a cool seating area at the front of the store with a nice flat screen and couches that is usually occupied so be on your toes when it opens up or you can hang at the high tables with their own flat screen.

And now for the formalities.  The Casual Pint is open from Monday – Thursday from 10am to 10pm and Friday, Saturday from 10am to 11pm.  Show up from 4 – 6pm and enjoy $3.00 pints normal price being $4.00.  Check out the badass growler for $30.00 with a flip and locking top and cool pewter handle or the usual one for $7.00.  Fill it with your favorite brew for between $8.99 – $14.99 depending on your selection.  The tap selection is always changing so keep your eye on the website for information.  Also don’t forget to sign up for the Brew Crew, it’s free, you get discounts on stuff, emails of “hoppenings” at the store and a killer pewter bottle opener key chain to boot.   Nathan has a few cool events scheduled through out the year so keep your ears open and eyes on the website for information.

Final Snobs: We dig this place.  Nice atmosphere, all indoors, great beer selection, what more can you ask for?