Knox Beer Snobs

Tommyknocker – Cocoa Porter

Well, the other night I was taking stock of the after party collection of beers that I had liberated from their owners ( by hiding them behind the beer fridge) and came across this little beauty.  Pours a dark brown with a nice brown head.

The smell of chocolate is undeniable and hits your nose as quickly as it hits your glass which is then followed by the aromas of the toasted malt and a hint of maple.   The taste is fantastic with the cocoa sweetness up front followed by maple and a hint of vanilla.  The body is on the watery side for a porter but, I find it a nice balance with the sweetness that makes it not very over powering.  The finish is on the dry side with the hot cocoa flavor coming through.

Personally I really enjoyed this beer and will be searching it out in the stores soon.  It being on the light side for a porter made it easy to put down a few and I was sad to have only one at the time