Knox Beer Snobs

Terrapin Moo-Hoo

A milk stout is one thing, a chocolate milk stout is the obvious evolutionary next step. We ‘mericans like our milk but we love our milk chocolate. When someone says “chocolate milk stout” you have my full and undivided attention. A lot of people think of Duck-Rabbit when they hear “milk stout” and around East Tennessee that’s probably fair as our distributors have done a good job of making sure this wonderful beer is accessible.

Terrapin is a cool brewery out of Athens, GA that I had my first encounter with at a beer festival many pint glasses ago. I can’t recall a Terrapin brew I didn’t like and I really like that I’m seeing it on taps more and more around the area. Although I’d be lying if I said if I thought of Terrapin when I thought about stout beers or even milk stouts. Well color me crazy and take my Beer Snob monocle – not only did they make a killer beer, it’s awesome!

Last night Mrs. Beer Snob and I had a few pints at The Pizza Kitchen while enjoying some Fire Fries and a BLT pizza. I enjoyed this beer so much I filled up a growler to take home. Moo-Hoo will remind you a little of Duck Rabbit’s Milk Stout but the cocoa used in the beer makes it a little more sweet and mellow on the tongue. The nose will pick up the chocolate as well as a hint of coffee. As the PK suggested, this would be an excellent beer float candidate with either a scoop of vanilla or my favorite, chocolate/chocolate chip.

If you like milk stouts or chocolate milk stouts, you’d be remiss if you didn’t check this out. It is a seasonal and while I’m not certain what production looks like, I’ve been led to believe there isn’t a whole lot of it out there. The Pizza Kitchen still had plenty on tap as of last night (12/3) and the The Bearden Beer Market not only has it on tap but has some in the 6 pack variety.

To the guys at Terrapin – excellent job and while I know this is a “new” seasonal beer, this Beer Snob wouldn’t mind seeing it all year round.