The Maiden Post

Ahoy hoy Knoxvillians and anyone else who may stumble across our humble site. KnoxBeerSnobs is a website dedicated to all things beer (and maybe some bourbon from time-to-time) in the Knoxville area and its surroundings. This site has been a long time coming…well, in my head anyway. The microbrew industry has certainly picked up over the years and with it has come a lot of tasty beverages. Over the years we’ve tried many different beers but found that we’d frequently forget names of the beer or exactly what it tasted like. So we decided we needed a place to put all of those thoughts as well as a place to list the various location in Knoxville where you can purchase said tasty beverages.

Another thing we enjoy is going to beer festivals. Knoxville has a good one each October but we tend to favor a few in North Carolina each year and we’ll use this site to keep you appraised of the happenings regarding that.

If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute to our site, please give us a shout!