Knox Beer Snobs

Terrapin’s – Rye Squared Imperial Pale Ale

AAhhhhh, yeaa.  Back home with a full belly courtesy of our neighborhood Pizza Kitchen.  We really like to bring out son over there on Tuesday night.  They got a balloon guy folks.

Up tonight is Rye Squared from Terrapin.  I am a real fan of just about everything that the good folks at Terrapin  Brewery makes these days.  One of my favorites is the Rye Pale Ale so finding this was heaven.

The Rye Squared IPA boasts double the malts, double the hops resulting in double the flavor and I have to say they are right on.  The brew pours a nice slightly hazy orange copper color with a half inch eggshell head.  I get grapefruit, and a hint of lime in the aroma.  After it warms a bit you get a bit of the 8.5% abv coming through.  The flavor is all malt sweetness with a bit of raisin and the rye in the background.  I really like the body of this beer, a bit on the creamy side and dry.  Also the sweetness is high for a IPA but with the high hop bitterness  it works out perfect.  It is going to be hard to keep any of these in the fridge.  Make sure you save this brew for the last if doing a tasting, it will ruin your palate.

Final snobs:  Go get one soon if you can find one.  This is part of the Monster Beer Tour at Terrapin and will not last.  I found mine at Beverage World in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA.