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Beer of the month at Vic’s: Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin

Hello fellow snobs!

I hope this post finds you warm and dry – quite the storms we had this past weekend. Spring seems to be trying to make an appearance this evening and after a little wrench time under the hood of the car, I’m sitting down to a tasty beverage from our friends out at Vic’s Package Store. If you don’t know where this place is, click the link above and go visit these guys. They’re always bringing in new beer not to mention they have a pretty slick growler wall. Alright, enough with the pleasantries, on with the beer!

Not going to lie, up until the end of last week I had never heard of this brew much less Wychwood Brewery out of the UK. I’ve got to admit, these guys have a very cool theme going with their beer and props to their graphics guys – the unsung heroes! Hobgoblin is a dark English Ale according to the label but upon closer inspection and some Googling, it appears to me that this is more of a brown ale (even though my pic makes it look black against the light it’s brown). It pours with about two fingers of head (wasn’t fast enough with the pic) but it calms down nicely. The nose of this beer isn’t strong but you get a very sweet scent, some caramel and perhaps some cherry. The first taste is smooth but has just a little bit of a bite to it and leads up to a bitter finish that lingers on the tongue. It’s an interesting beer that I really don’t have much to compare to. The label actually says that it is “full of mischievious character” which it is!

Final snobs: A pretty nice import that will surprise you! I’d definitely get it again.

DISCOUNT ALERT:  Hobgoblin is currently the KnoxBeerSnobs beer of the month at Vic’s Package Store! If you go visit our friend’s at Vic’s and mention this post they’ll knock 5% off of the Hobgoblin bottles and 10% off of a growler fill of this brew – yep, that’s right, they’ve got it on the growler wall as well.