Westland Market and Beer Gallery

For those of us who live in west Knoxville, you’ve probably noticed the little Shell station on Westland drive across from A.L. Lotts Elementary and not thought much of it unless you’ve needed gas, coffee, or a Slim Jim. A few weeks back, that little gas station went under a transformation and for those of us who love craft beer, that transformation was significant.

We all know that if you stop at a gas station for beer, it’s pretty much dominated by the big brewers. Sometimes you’ll find a Sam Adams product or perhaps New Belgium but for us snobs, pickin’s are typically slim. Not so at the Westland Market. When a business finds it important enough to include the word “beer” in their title or, as we see here, “beer gallery” you know they are serious – and serious they are. 

Don and I stopped by there recently because this place is a little too close to our homes not to be aware of what they’ve got going on. First of all, the whole back corner of the store is dedicated to beer. We saw New Belgium, Marble Brewery, Rogue, Highland, Fort Collins, Magic Hat…the list goes on. And as we were told by the owner, if you don’t see it and want it, let ’em know. Also, if you’ve got a kegerator or are just having the boys over on a Tuesday evening, these guys can get kegs. Last we talked they were working on their keg list but with what was rattled off, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. On an off-beer topic, these guys also serve Vienna Coffee. For those that don’t know, Vienna is out in Maryville off of High Street and they serve a wicked good cup of coffee. I’m definitely happy to know there’s some a little closer to the house and, conveniently enough, on the way to the office.

Make sure you stop by and check these guys out and ‘Like’ them of Facebook so you can keep up with what they’ve got going on. To the guys at the Westland Market and Beer Gallery, from us at KnoxBeerSnobs, we salute you!