Marble City Brewing Company – GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION!

It all began late one night a few years ago. Mr. Johnathan Borsodi was heading home after a long day at work when suddenly a fierce storm hit. Visibility was near nothing as JB tried desperately to get his bearings in this terrible weather making rights and lefts seeming at random…but were they? He turned the corner and glanced at the sign. “Depot St” it read. He pulled over in front of a brick building with dilapidated green awnings and was fumbling for a map when in the back of his mind he heard a voice Kevin Costner might find familiar that said, “If you brew it, they will come”. As quickly as the storm came it was gone. “Weird,” thought Johnathan as he spun the wheel of the car and headed home. However, he could not shake the voice he heard and those poignant words.

After a bit of research he discovered the building he had found himself in front of to be the defunct New Knoxville Brewing Company and that the building, and it’s brewing contents, was available. He got on the phone to Adam Palmer, his cousin who hails from Chicago, and after a brief explanation of last nights happenings (leaving out the voice/Kevin Costner part) asked him to come and have a look. Adam flew to K-town, liked what he saw and the rest, as they say, is history. Marble City Brewing Company was born.

Ok, much of what is written above is more Hollywood than reality BUT should someone secure the movie rights to MCBC’s story, we want a cut!

All joking aside we have something to celebrate Knoxville! Here we are two years later and after enough trials and tribulations to choke a billygoat we now have The Quarry, Marble City Brewing Company’s new tasting room. The Quarry boasts industrial ceilings, room for 50, concrete floors for easy cleanup of any party fouls that might occur and a full size reproduction of Jim Lay’s 1880’s saloon storefront designed and built by yours truly. The grand opening will be on October 21st from 4-9pm and we plan to be on hand to serve the first official grand opening brews to the great town of Knoxville, TN. There will be 4 tasty brews on hand, Dad’s Dime, Nectar Rubus, Rox Stout, the famous Pumpkin Ale and a one time only run of a Reserve Ale (that I am sworn to secrecy NOT to divulge)! All pints will be 3 bucks. Smoky Mountain Hot Dog will be serving brats and hot dogs soaked all night in Dad’s Dime and then finished off in the same beery goodness. Rumor has it that there just may be Chicago style pizza actually flown in from Chicago – WOW!!! There will also be a celebrity bartender serving beer – none other than the Dad from Dad’s Dime, Mr. Palmer himself. You can’t miss that!

Upon entry into the Quarry everyone will be given a ticket that can be redeemed at Old City Entertainment lounge and gives you 1/2 off Asiago Cheeze Crab dip, Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Cocktail Chicken Bites, or Flat-bread Pizza. It also brings 1/2 off your first drink so choose wisely. Bring some singles as 2 bucks gets you a MCBC Train Ticket. Whenever a train goes by, a ticket is drawn – should you be chosen you win a Marble City Brewing Co T-Shirt! MCBC pint glasses, growlers, keychains, and hats will be on sale. Brewery tours with Brewmaster Jen Muckerman will be available as well!

Adam has also informed me that he will be offering special memberships to the Quarry. For 100 bucks a year you have the pleasure of getting 20% off all merchandise, 10% off all private party booking fees, priority email notifications of all events and pre-registration to said events. Every year Marble City Brewing Company will hold a members only appreciation party with special one time members only Reserve Ales on tap. For 50 bucks you get 10% off all merchandise, 10% off all private party booking fees and an invite to the aforementioned annual members bash. Both sound like a steal to me.

For more information on renting The Quarry for special events contact Virginia Adams at 865-335-3334 or

Please join us October 21st to celebrate Marble City Brewing Company!!!

Cheers fellow Snobs…