Knox Beer Snobs

New Belgium’s – Peach Porch Lounger

Howdy ho fellow snobs.  Man, this past week SnobRob and I had the pleasure of sneaking into the invitation only shindig put on by Eagle Distribution and what a time we had.  Is was fantastic to be a part of this event and a shout out to Jeremy our very own craft beerguy for leaving the back door cracked a bit so we could make our entrance unobserved.  As we entered the shindig we instantly were greeted by the high gravity station and that experience is the reason for this post (no, we are not just tooting our horns but if you want to know more, Ratchet did a great post on the entire event).  We have news about a brew to keep on the lookout for, New Belgium’s Lips of Faith, Peach Porch Lounger.

Now, we typically steer clear of the fruity drinks but once we heard that G Love from G Love and Special Sauce had his hands in the creation of this particular brew, we had to give it a shot. Apparently G Love has been a home brewer since high school and a big New Belgium fan. The name itself comes from G’s favorite song.

What sold SnobRob on this particular brew was hearing that it was brewed with grits, hominy grits to be exact. Being a lover of grits and all things that they are a part of, it was his duty to partake in this creation and abandon all distaste and prejudice against “fruity” beers. Alright, enough with the rambling, on to the beer!

This beer pours a beautiful gold color with a nice orange hue – almost reminiscent of a peach. The nose is greeted with scents of banana, lemon, orange and perhaps a hint of clove. The Brettanomyces yeast also comes out and plucks at your nose hairs. As this beer rolls across the tongue, a sweetness is immediately present. The malts certainly subdued and really the only peach that either of us are tasting is right there at the end as the aftertaste lingers on the palate.

Final snobs: We both agree that we like the complex flavors of this beer starting with flavors of citrus in the beginning changing to banana esters with spice and finally the peach at the end. We can totally see why you’d call this a Peach Porch Lounger because it is very easy to drink (9.4% ABV) and would be perfect for a hot summer night sitting on the porch….spinning some G Love of course.