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Vic’s Beer Store | The Patio, Grand Opening, Epicness Guaranteed

For snobs in the know, once you get north of I-40 local beer stores are a little harder to come by. However, there has been an oasis at the corner of Schaad Road and Clinton highway for a while now that has kept us smiling and properly hydrated in fermented goodness – Vic’s Beer Store. I’ve recommended Vic’s more times than I can count, especially to my friends in North Knoxville who have all raved about it’s selection, rockin’ growler wall and the fact that it’s craft beer on one side, Vic’s Package – liquor (and high grav) – on the other.

Well, the boys at Vic’s have long had a vision of expanding their store to include a patio on the back where lovers of beer can unite over a game of corn hole or while watching a football game. That vision has come to fruition my friends – it’s here. I think it’s also important to note that they didn’t just stop at a patio – no sir. This is America my friends and they realized that ten tap handles just wasn’t good enough for you or for any of the craft beer fans of this fair town. So what’d they do? They doubled it and then just to be safe, they added one more. That’s right, 21 my friend. I think there is some symbolism there. Do you know what the 21st Amendment did? It repealed the 18th Amendment which mandated prohibition. So, 21 taps; coincidence? I think not, it’s just pure America.

This Friday, the 21st (there it is again!) they’ll be kicking things off proper with a grand opening celebration beginning at 7pm. There will be giveaways – including UT/Akron tix as well as beer pong and corn hole tournaments. Good time guaranteed.

Check them out on Facebook here to see more pics of the patio work in progress.