Knox Beer Snobs

Starr Hill Brewery | Reviver Red IPA

Well hey there folks. The gracious fellas at Starr Hill Brewing have been up their tricks again and sent us this little bottle of tasty magic.  I have actually had this one for quite some time and snob Rob was getting ready to blow a gasket if I did not post out, finally.

I had my first taste of this jewel with Rob at out beer judging certification class.  WOW!  We were all blown away by this beer!  From the gorgeous reddish brown color to the fantastic balance this was a class favorite.  I mean perfect balance.  There was a fantastic aroma of hops and malts on the nose followed by a wonderfully juicy hop flavor, medium bitterness and great malt sweetness, all balanced.

Sitting at a nice 6.2% you can have a few of these and I guarantee you will.Reviver-Background