Knox Beer Snobs

Starr Hill Brewery | Sublime Citrus Wit

Howdy friends!

On deck this evening is another fun beer from our friends in Charlottesville, VA; Sublime Citrus Wit. Everything is green, the pollen, seemingly has died down, the days are getting warmer, time to lighten the beer portfolio up a bit. A bit? How about a wit? #badjoke

Starr_Hill_SublimeThis beer pours a beautiful straw gold color with a low to moderate head that does stick around on the edges. While it’s not opaque, it’s not clear either. On the nose I get some citrus and a little, perhaps, coriander. On the tongue this beer fills the mouth, coating every crevice with lemon, lime, a bit tart but a bit sweet. This is where the lemon and lime zest really shine through with this beer.

Final snobs: refreshing, fun, perfect for the season. At 4.7% this beer can go down as fast as you’d like and on a warm evening, why not?