Pretentious Beer Company | Glass Meets Beer

img_2966 There is a chill in the air. The leaves are colorful, crisp and basically totally covering my yard now.  I have to say this is my favorite season by far. People seem to relax more, chill out, hit a patio and hang out with friends and great beers. Take a look around this great city and relish in what we have become.  You can’t throw a stone downtown with out hitting a new brewery.  What an amazing time we have come upon and what amazing beer as well.  I have not had a beer I have not loved from the likes of Crafty Bastard, Last Days, Alliance, etc.  Now it is time to add another location to hang out with your buds, listen to some tunes and grab some of the best beer this town has to offer.

img_2951Matthew Cummings had been chilling in Louisville for a time devising his plan to bridge the gap between beer styles and the lack of glassware that would enhance that particular style.  He rolled into Knoxville two years ago and now not only do we have Pretentious Glass Company but we also have the other side of the equation in Pretentious Beer Company right next door.  This will give patrons a unique experience that you cannot find anywhere in Knoxville; a perfectly hand crafted glass paired with the perfectly crafted style of beer. Matthew, having been a home brewer for quite some time now and also an expert glass blower, went to work.  He grabbed Will Brady, who many of us know from Saw Works Brewing Company, and is working with him to create beers worthy of the glasses. We expect the brew house to be in place in the not-too-distant future.

img_2954The next step in the process was to design a space that is just DAMN SEXY BABY!! I was lucky enough to lend a hand a few days and put a little sweat equity in the place. What a place it is. Matthew’s vision, simply put, is an incredible union of nature’s beauty with items such as the birds eye wood in the bar top and man made materials in the hard edges of steel and brick.  Follow this with a great lighting, all handmade bar stools and tables. I have to say this is a place I could easily spend an evening just gazing out onto South Central while sipping a beer. That’s before stepping out to the back patio to enjoy some great music.

When you have this level of sexy and class you need someone with talent and beer knowledge to keep everything in perfect running order.  I give you Johnny Miller, who also worked at Saw Works Brewing Company with Will. Johnny also broadened his beer and management skills at The Casual Pint in Farragut.  If you have a beer question he will be able to answer it with genuine enthusiasm.

This is a place where that has it all. We have the over the top personality of Will, Johnny who is not only genuine but loves everyone and the crazy smart and welcoming Matthew.  Combine this with the perfect beer in the perfect glass and Knoxville will never be the same.  Oh and Just remember: