Blackberry Farm Brewery | Brett Fruit Blend

Blackberry Farm continues to push the envelope with their beer. While we’ve written a fair amount about Blackberry Farm Brewery, they always seem to find a way to top their last effort. In this case, they’ve been accumulating some barrels and in the case of this particular Brett Fruit Blend beer, they used a red wine barrel and added some blackberries to a farmhouse ale. Don and I got together to try this one out.

bfb_brett_fruitThis beer pours a dark golden, a slight haze, with a moderate head that is easily agitated. On the nose we find white grapes, sourdough bread and brett. This translates to the palate with an explosion of flavor, fruit (there’s the blackberries!) and grapes that fills the mouth. It then recedes, leaving a dryness and what could be called a bit tannin.

Final snobs: This beer is wonderful. Don has labeled it his favorite from Blackberry Farm Brewery. There is so much flavor here, deep and rich. While the bottle is small, it’s fun to share as we did today. Definitely find this one and we’ll leave it up to you as to whether or not you share.


Glass from Pretentious Beer Glass Company – Aromatic