Knox Beer Snobs

TN Beer Run! Beginning January 24, 2017

Howdy beer fans!

If you haven’t already heard, Knoxville’s own Zack Roskop of Knox Brew Tours fame is headed across our fair state in an effort to visit every brewery this wonderful land of orange has to offer. We can sum this adventure up like this; epic. road. trip.

If you’re not already following this awesome event as it builds up, head over to and get in the know. The bus shoves off on January 24th and we’re all going to want to watch this adventure! You’ll also be pleased to know that we’ll be throwing in an assist by helping Zack with an article chronicling his adventures for the spring issue of the Tennessee Craft Beer Magazine!

While many of us dream, Zack does. This is going to be a trip to remember. Further, craft beer in our state will be elevated as a result. Awareness and goodwill will also increase. All positive.

Good luck and Godspeed Zack!!!!