Knox Beer Snobs

Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival May 20th, 2017

Howdy beer friends!

If you’re like us, the spring fills up fast. Warm weather makes a nice friend and gets us all out of the house – which is great. However, there are always more opportunities than there are hours in the day so you have to make sure you maximize each opportunity!

What better way to maximize a Saturday than to go to one event that has not only beer but bourbon and BBQ as well! Turns out, such an event exists. I give you the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Tour 2017! It’s actually a tour that goes across our awesome country once a year and it just so happens it’s landing in fabulous Knox-vegas on May 20th, 2017.

Don and I happened to catch one of these once in Nashville and we had an excellent time….some of it is a bit of a blur but from what we recall, we got to try out a fair amount of bourbon we had never tried before, drank some great beer – some of which we had never had before and ate plenty of BBQ. Honestly any day you get to eat BBQ with or without beer and/or bourbon is a good day, am I right?! (Don also has a pretty strict beer festival & BBQ rule – see below for details)

Back to the festival. It runs from 2pm to 6pm. They’ll have 60 beers, 40 bourbons and more BBQ than you can shake your finger at. There’s a VIP session that begins at 12pm – we did this in Nashville and found it was worth the additional expense. There will also be some great live music, some informative seminars which they’ll announce shortly and loads of other stuff to check out. Also, I know that involving charities in these events is important to many of us – we’re big proponents of giving back. In this case this event gives a portion of the proceeds to The Spirit of Hope Foundation whose mission is: To serve less fortunate and abused children by affording them school supplies, clothes, shoes, toys, and personal items and by hosting numerous enriching experiences as a respite from crisis situations and everyday life struggles. Pretty cool cause.

Give the website a gander and mark your calendars. Lots of great stuff going on this spring and this is one of them!


Don’s 2-Que Rule:

Beer Snob Don has a pretty strict rule when it comes to beer festivals. We refer to it as the “2 Que Rule.” It’s very simple and time tested. When you enter a beer festival within the first 30-45 minutes, find BBQ, BBQ pork sandwiches to be exact. Buy 2 – slaw optional. Don’t mess with sides. Eat one que immediately and put the other in your bag. Within the next hour or so, eat the other que. Don finds that this lays down a good base for festival activities and he feels pretty good the next day.

One year we went to an event – no que. Don opted for fish tacos. Let’s just say things didn’t go as planned. Stick with the 2 Que Rule.