Knox Beer Snobs

Alliance Brewing Company | Kölsch

Howdy friends in beer! I hope this post finds you well. On deck this evening I have a beer that I am very excited about.

Lighter beers are not usually on my regular rotation, however, when I see a kölsch I will often give it a shot. That’s largely thanks to Adam Ingle at Alliance Brewing Company who opened my eyes as to what this beer should be. The beer before me tonight isn’t the same kölsch I had many moons ago. Adam decided it was time for an update. It’s been rebooted, retooled, reborn. Let’s dive in.

This beer pours with a very pale gold color, straw perhaps, and a wonderful, medium head. It should also be noted that the crowler I’m drinking from is a week old. Crowlers rock. The head has since dissipated but lingers at the edges. It is easily agitated and laces nicely on the glass. The malt aromas are low but subtle fruity esters are welcome. On the palate I find a bit of a sweet bread note from the malt, medium-low bitterness and a wonderful sweet, fruit flavor that coats the palate very well. Body is medium low. The beer lingers on the tongue with just a touch of dryness – very clean.

Final snobs: I love this beer! When I think of “crushable” beer, this falls in that category, especially at 4.8% ABV. You can easily pair it with hot summer days working in the yard or after a long run. You could just as easily pair it with a burger off the grill on a cold winter day. Refreshing and memorable! Well done Adam and Alliance Brewing Company!


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