Knox Beer Snobs

Highland Brewing Company | IPA

Howdy beer friends! We’re no stranger to IPAs here at Knox Beer Snobs. For a period of time that’s about all I would drink. Bitter, sweet, citrus, pine, resin, tropical fruit – so much to experience. I get it though, there are those that get turned off by this style – too bitter, too “hoppy” they’ll say. No worries but hey, like Elmo tells my kids, ya gotta try it and then try again. However, for those of you who do dig the IPAs, we’ve got a good one for you on deck this evening.

First off, props to Highland Brewing Company and Cherokee Distributing for ensuring that we can easily access just about the full lineup of Highland beer. From restaurants to the Casual Pint to Kroger, Highland is there. Now, the beer.

This beer pours a dark gold/light amber color with a low to medium head that lingers lightly across the top once it has died down. It laces nicely on the glass. On the nose I immediately find tropical fruits, citrus and some dank resin notes. On the palate these aromas carry forward with a wonderful, full punch that coats the palate with a medium mouth feel. A slight bitterness lingers on the tongue that is pretty pleasant as you begin the next sip. At 7% ABV this is what an IPA should be.

Final snobs: This is a wonderful west-coast style IPA that doesn’t disappoint. It’s actually much more of an IPA than I was expecting and certainly one I’ll return to again.


Glass custom made by Pretentious Glass Company