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Starr Hill Brewery | Double Bass Double Chocolate Stout

Hello fellow snobs! Colder weather, darker beer. Thems the rules….or not, I like dark beers in hot weather too (like today oddly enough), light in cold weather, whatever. Stupid rules. The beer today I’ve been eyeing for a couple of weeks now. However, since I wanted to write about it, I’ve had to hold it back until I’ve had a few minutes. I’m a sucker for stouts and the chocolate addition makes them all the better! On deck we have Starr Hill Brewery Double Bass Double Chocolate Stout.

The beer pours dark with a thick tan head that takes it’s sweet time dying down. It laces wonderfully on the sides of the glass. Aromas such as vanilla and stone fruit are the first to greet the nose. My mind may be playing tricks on me but I think I smell graham cracker….or one of my kids has left a graham cracker somewhere nearby. On the palate I am immediately struck by the rich, velvety mouth feel of this beer. Bittersweet chocolate, vanilla – wow, there’s a lot here to unpack. I’m suddenly ready for some s’mores! At 7.8% ABV this beer is no lightweight but for a stout, the body isn’t as heavy as I would have expected.

Final snobs: This is a great beer for the season and the perfect end of the tight/pair with dessert beer that’ll hit the spot. It’s also unique enough that I’d have a hard time finding another beer to compare it to which, in this day and age is often a challenge. Well done Starr Hill Brewery!


Glass by Pretentious Glass Co –Malty