Starr Hill Brewery | Summer Jam Can Variety Pack

No doubt about it, summer is in full swing. As I type this I’m sitting on my back porch, under the umbrella as the Big Green Egg wafts pecan smoke in my direction. In just a few more hours it’ll be brisket time. Hard not to love summer.

Our friends at Starr Hill have been changing things up and throwing out a lot of new options. For summer they’ve taken 4 of their beers and created a mixed 16 pack – all in cans – all lower ABV – all very crushable. Two of the four we’ve covered in previous posts such as Grateful Pale Ale and The Hook Grapefruit Session IPA. So we won’t focus on those here, instead let’s check out the other two.

The Love Wheat Beer: Wheat beer pairs with summer, no doubt about it. I have some friends who are die hard wheat beer fans and I can see why. Ever since I started typing this post, I’ve been sipping on The Love and it’s great on this hot day. On the nose I’m finding a lot of citrus and spicy notes. On the tongue I find that same sweet citrus note I expected, some dough-like notes and a spice punch towards the back. The body is moderately-low and it doesn’t stick around but does leave with a slight lingering bitterness. At 5.1% ABV this is the second heaviest hitter in the bunch but not by much. Now that my wife has stolen this beer from me, let’s move on to the next.

Warehouse Pils: First things first, this beer was brewed for Dave Matthews Band’s 25th anniversary show. As a big DMB fan from way back, I’m already smiling. Secondly, this is the biggest hitter in the bunch at 5.5% ABV. This beer snob has been conditioned to think of pilsner as a lightweight – not always the case – and a conditioning I’m working with a therapist on….and by “therapist” I mean bartender. So this is German-style pilsner that has been dry-hopped. On the nose the aroma is pretty light, a little white cracker maybe, a slight spicy note, very clean. On the palate though is where things really crank up – a sweet bread-like quality with a burst of hop flavor – spicy, minty that leaves the palate a bit dry. I could drink a lot of this beer – and I don’t get to say that very often.

Final snobs: This is a fun 16 pack with 4 distinct flavors that all pair well with the season. While I remember enjoying Grateful and The Hook, The Love and Warehouse Pils were fun surprises. Definitely worth checking out.