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Last Days of Autumn | Hop Nobbler

We got wind via the ole Facebook that Last Days of Autumn was putting a beer on this past weekend that was affectionately named by Mike and Tracy Frede’s friend, Lee Strange. For those that may not know, Mike and Tracy are the folks behind Last Days of Autumn and Lee Strange is a dear friend who they’ve known for quite some time. Lee also can regularly be found working at the brewery. He’s the one with the killer beard and a great smile….because he has a killer beard. This particular beer is an IPA with molasses….I was intrigued. Further, if Lee liked it enough to name it the Hop Nobbler, it’s definitely worth a trip. A growler was filled and here I sip. #madrhymes

This beer pours a deep gold to amber hue with a moderately low head (thanks to the growler most likely) that has now collected along the edges and a light mass in the center. On the nose I immediately found pear followed by some citrus notes and an earthy sweetness, dare I say molasses? On the tongue I find a wonderful sweet citrus, pear, tropical fruit flavor that lasts until the palate is empty as it gives way to a void of dryness across the tongue and even the sides of the mouth. The contrast of sweet and bitter is very noticeable and accentuates the other well. It also makes the next sip even more enjoyable.

Final snobs: At over 7% ABV this is a very memorable and enjoyable beer. It’s becoming much more difficult to make an IPA that stand out today. This one certainly does. There’s a great contrast here. Great beer, well done. If it’s still on the tap wall, go try it for yourself!