Knox Beer Snobs

Abridged Beer Company | Downstairs

It’s cold. Fortunately a warm-ish front appears to be on the horizon. That said, it’s always fun to build a fire and open up a big, malty, sweet beer and just hang out. Fortunately our friend at Abridged Beer Company just added a crowler machine to their arsenal of fermentation, so here we are.

On deck today we have Downstairs a Belgian Dubbel clocking in at 7.1% ABV. Immediately as I poured it I could smell raisins and a wonderful caramel sweetness. This beer, while very clear, seems to be on the far end of the color spectrum for the style but still well within range. The head begins large and then fades away and lingers on the edge of the glass like 7th graders at their winter dance. Unlike the 7th graders, the head can be easily convinced to step away from the edge with each sip. On the palate I’m finding some wonderful notes of toast, caramel, candy-sugar sweetness and some low pepper-spice qualities. This beer covers the palate well and lingers softly across the tongue after each sip. It is very smooth, has a medium body, medium carbonation and a touch of alcohol warmth.

Final snobs: I love this beer. The characteristics of the style are well represented in a very flavorful and approachable example. Glad to have this in the local line up. Thankfully Abridged has been keeping it on as I’ve enjoyed this beer regardless of the weather and regardless of the meal I’ve selected. Speaking of, if you haven’t tried the food at Abridged, it is excellent. Stop by, order the Abridged Burger and a Downstairs, thank me later.