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Starr Hill | Box of Chocolates Stout Pack

Chores are done. I have no where else to be today. I just opened 4 beers. The Mrs. has been alerted that her assistance is needed. She’s the resident stout-spert and I can’t do 4 beers all by myself. These are 4 incredible beers. Let’s be honest, variants are fun. Starr Hill does variants with some regularity and has done a great job of creating some killer 12 packs, the Box of Chocolates Stout Pack is another great one. Let’s check ’em out.

Double Bass: I’ve had this one before and it’s about what I remember. Being the base beer (pun?) it’s important to know what we’re working with. Color is certainly dark with some ruby clarity at the edges. Aromas of dark chocolate, a bit of vanilla, stone fruit perhaps – these carry through on the palate. Wow, sweet, velvety, body is medium and it coats the mouth but not in a way that you seek the next sip. I find myself savoring the aftertaste. Wow, very enjoyable.

Chipotle Double Bass: I’m going here next only because I suspect this is the one I’ll like the least. Let’s see if that assumption holds true. I’m finding many of the aromas I did from the base beer plus some pepper notes. On the palate that same sweetness from the base beer is there with the obvious warm sensation from the chipotle. What’s interesting is that I’m finding more vanilla now too. This beer dances on the palate. It’s not hot but it reminds me of the sensation from Pop Rocks as a kid. I find myself taking more sips. Ok, maybe I judged this beer too soon.

Mocha Double Bass: Wow, aroma – the coffee notes are strong on this one. I find that mocha sweetness but the roasty flavors are strong as well. Dang, on the taste this is excellent. Roasty, sweet, mocha….very smooth, very inviting, very nicely done. The body for some reason feels lighter than the base beer – maybe a slight difference in carbonation. Doesn’t matter, the flavor is excellent.

Peppermint Double Bass: Have you ever had the peppermint bark that Williams-Sonoma does each year for the holidays? If you have, the aroma you get when you open up that tin can is strong, warm and it immediately takes me to various Christmas memories. This beer, the aroma, is doing the same thing; peppermint. It’s not overpowering though. The taste holds true to the aroma but the chocolate notes hold true and this beer is like drinking a York Peppermint Patty. Wow, well done!

Final snobs: This is another great – fun – 12 pack from Starr Hill. Each beer is unique and 7.8% ABV and certainly as-advertised. If you’re into stouts, sweet ones at that or you know someone who does, find this. It’d also be fun to pair with some holiday treats – the options are endless!