Knox Beer Snobs

Starr Hill Brewery | Looking Glass IPA

On deck today we have another fun beer from our friends in Charlottesville, VA, an IPA. The label states that this beer is loaded with notes of mango, passion fruit and pineapple with minimal bitterness, let’s check it out.

This beer pours clear with a gold hue, a nice thick head that still sticks around across the surface of the glass as is dies down. On the nose I immediately find mango and passion fruit. The pineapple is there, the other two just crowd it out. On the tongue the fruit flavors continue with a big burst on the palate adding a sweet sensation as the beer fills the mouth, coats the tongue and settles right in. Honestly, there isn’t much bitterness here at all – and at 40 IBUs while at the bottom of the IPA range, given the fruit flavors, this is actually incredibly pleasant.

Final snobs: If you like big, juicy IPAs without the backside bitterness, this is your jam. I could easily see this paired with fruit based spring salads (a lemon poppy dressing perhaps) or salmon with an orange remoulade glaze. There’s a certain spring-like quality to this beer that’s very welcoming right now. Another well done beer from Starr Hill.