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Abridged Beer Company and Alliance Brewing Company | Pythagorean Bheorem

Collaborations are fun, especially when it’s a collaboration between two breweries that you know and love. In this case our friends at Abridged Beer Company and Alliance Brewing Company sat down together to make a New England Style IPA. As each brewery’s acronym is ABC, the Pythagorean Theorem came into the discussion (A2+B2=C2) and from there, the group questioned whether they could make a beer using two hops that start with A, two that start with B and two that start with C. Between the two breweries, Amarillo, Azacca, Belma, Bravo, Chinook and Citra fit the bill and brew they did, the Pythagorean Bheorem was born! Let’s check it out.

This beer pours with a wonderfully full, airy, white head. It is noticeably cloudy with a gold-orange hue. On the nose there are several aromas competing for dominance – citrus, stonefruit, melon, pineapple a touch of pine and dare I say a touch of coconut? As we move to the palate, the sweet fruit flavors win out with a phenomenal display of the aromatic qualities on the tongue. While the pine and coconut don’t play through, the pineapple, stonefruit and citrus certainly do. The body is moderate as is the carbonation. This beer coast the mouth nicely and lingers as it starts to dry and leave a subtle bitterness across the tongue and sides of the mouth – which makes that next sip all the more refreshing.

Final snobs: At 8.2% this can be considered a fairly big beer but it’s a big beer in flavor as well. This is as enjoyable as it is refreshing and is a great testament to the skill and creativity of both our friends at ABC and ABC….I mean, Abridged and Alliance! You can find this beer on draft at both breweries and, you’re in luck as they both offer crowlers to go.


Glass by our friends at Pretentious Glass Co – Hoppy