Monday Night Brewing | Dust Bunny Hazy IPA

Well folks, it’s Saturday and I just mowed the grass. Those that know me know the following about me; mow the grass, earn a beer. Thems the rules. Being as my yard takes a bit more than an hour to mow, it’s mostly on a slope and I push mow it, a beer is the least I can do for myself, right? On deck tonight we have a beer from Monday Night Brewing out of ATL. Monday Night is now in old K’ville if you weren’t already aware. It’s hard not to notice their logo, especially as it has an Oceans 11 feel to it…maybe that’s just me. On with the beer!

Monday Night Brewing calls this beer Dust Bunny as it’s a hazy IPA and has “fuzzy or fluffy” characteristics. And with that, I’ll open this one up. This beer pours with a deep gold hue (that my picture doesn’t adequately display) and a large white head that isn’t going anywhere. Honestly, the head alone could be considered “fluffy.” This one is definitely unfiltered and packs a lot of the aromas I was expecting for a “hazy IPA” – a lot of orange – like mandarin oranges and a nice sweetness. On the tongue this beer is more sweet than bitter – a mouthful of orange and honey sweetness that fills the palate and as it fades away, the bitter notes make their presence known. They just don’t get to hang around much before the next sip. At 6.8% ABV and 60 IBUs this isn’t a big beer but it’s big enough for a Monday Night….or Saturday in this case.

Final snobs: Dust Bunny lives up to it’s name and is certainly an enjoyable beer. Honestly this is an IPA that hops heads will dig and those that flee from bitter notes will give the IPA style a second thought. Well done Monday Night Brewing!