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Starr Hill Brewery | Jam Pack – A Box Full of Summer

It’s no secret that we dig our friends just up the road in Crozet, VA. Northern Lights IPA has come to the rescue on more than one trip into northern Virginia for work and Little Red Roostarr Coffee Cream Stout is a beer that the Mrs and I can both agree on. Another thing that I appreciate about Starr Hill Brewery is that they consistently look at new ways to bring us beer. On deck today, the Jam Pack.

First things first, Starr Hill has rolled out 16oz cans. Many would say that the 16oz is in vogue but I think most of us can agree, 4 more oz is a great thing. Secondly, what’s in this pack is pretty sweet. I, like many of us, don’t often commit to a six pack. There are too many great beers out there to do six of the same thing in a row. When you can find a twelve pack of 4 different varieties, that’s a win-win. In this Jam Pack we have Northern Lights IPA, The Love Wheat Beer, Grateful Pale Ale and Front Row Golden Ale, which I’m currently sipping on. If you click on the hyperlinks I think you’ll note an interesting story with Starr Hill in that they are constantly evolving and pushing their craft. It’s evident in the liquid and this package gives you an opportunity to experience 4 beers. You can even share, if you wanna.

Final snobs: Another fun set of beer from Starr Hill Brewery! Being as my wife just stole the Front Row I was working on, guess I’ll move along to the Grateful…or The Love…choices!