Elkmont Exchange | Coffee Lager

Howdy beer friends!

Wow. What a world we’re living in right now. I know that for many of us, things are totally upside down and the worst of it is that we’re stuck in this waiting game with no clear picture of when things will begin to shift back to some semblance of normal. We’ll get through this though, one way or another. I’m also amazed – and proud – of our beer community right now. When talking to a few of our brewer friends this weekend I was told that the response to their to-go offerings has been really good. Further, big props to Next Level for loaning out their crowler machines to places like Elst and Printshop – I know that’s a big help to those guys, THANK YOU!

On deck today we have a beer I am particularly excited about – Elkmont Exchange’s Coffee Lager. I am excited about this because it is, and has been, my favorite beer that Elkmont does. It’s simple, a pilsner with Vienna Coffee but it packs a nice flavor punch, it’s refreshing and it’s memorable. Listen to me, I haven’t even opened the beer yet! That said, Elkmont was going to do a big launch for this beer but hey, here we are, so let’s show this beer some love.

This beer pours a great light gold color, clear, nice white head. On the nose the coffee notes stand out first, followed by a grain-like malt quality. On the palate the coffee notes pull through while intertwined with the base beer. Mouthfeel is light, carbonation is low to medium.

Final Snobs: MAN, this is such a great beer. It would be easy to overpower a pilsner with coffee craziness but that’s not what Elkmont did here. They have blended this nicely – call it well balanced if you will. I’d use words like refreshing and memorable with a beer like this. VERY well done and I am SUPER stoked to see this in a can!!!!

If you can, swing by Elkmont (check their Facebook page for hours) and grab some of this – you won’t be sorry!

A few more PSAs:

  • Abridged Beer Co has been doing take-out food service and it is awesome. On Friday my wife called it in, I pulled up 30 minutes later and didn’t sit there for two minutes before they had me on my way. Very well done!
  • The Casual Pint Bearden has setup online ordering and it is pretty cool. You can even set it up for curbside and they’ll bring your order to you – crowlers, growlers, mix-a-six, you name it. Another great way to support our local friends.
  • Pay attention to Knox Brew Tours Facebook page for both virtual tours AND food delivery. They’ve done two nights with Last Days and are open to collaborating with a few others.

Cheers friends, stay well and THANK YOU for supporting our local breweries during this time! Prost!