Monday Night Brewing | Narwater Craft Hard Seltzer

To begin, I’ll readily admit, I’m not entirely sure what I’m reviewing. To date I’ve maybe had one hard seltzer and I can’t say it was memorable. As I have adapted to a lifestyle where I watch what I eat, maintain consistent workouts and have even incorporated intermittent fasting, when I drink, it better be good. My liquids are primarily black coffee, water and beer. Sparkling water isn’t even on my radar.

Enter my friends at Monday Night. If you follow the blog, you know I dig the crew at Monday Night. They rarely – if ever – let me down. The words of Daniel Tiger also ring in my head – as we often repeat them to our little ones here at the house, “you’ve gotta try new things because they might taste good.” It’s a bit of a song, I can sing it well. It influences my children and now I’m using it on myself. So here I am. While I’m not sure what I’m comparing this seltzer to I’m also not sure if I should pour it in a glass. To keep my theme of children’s characters going, I’ll turn to Pixar’s Forky and his typical response of, “I don’t know!” Let’s go with the glass.

The seltzer in question is the Narwater Grapefruit Pineapple! The label has a “!” after pineapple so let’s keep the theme going. Real fruit and 95 calories – I’m listening. I can smell the fruit the second I open the can. While the grapefruit is there, it’s the pineapple that stands out on the nose. The color actually reminds me of pineapple juice. It’s a little hazy and the carbonation dies off after a few seconds. On the palate this is all fruit dancing around with the carbonation. Ah, I’m finding both the grapefruit and the pineapple now. While the ABV is 4.7%, I’m not sure I can pick out the least bit of alcohol. This is exceptionally clean, refreshing and exactly as advertised.

Final Snobs: [rolls eyes] Fine Daniel Tiger, you were right – it does taste good. I’m pleasantly surprised with this – and I’m also drinking it too fast. This is a fun craft creation and it’ll definitely go well with the warmer weather we have coming up. I can see why people enjoy this style and I look forward to trying some of the other Narwater options.

Nice job Monday Night Brewing Co!