Starr Hill Brewery | Ramble On Juicy IPA

Howdy beer fans,

Crazy times. When I placed this beer in the fridge to chill so I could review it, I had no idea what the world would be like today. Nor did I realize it’d take me this long to return to it – about a month ago. Needless to say, things have changed.

The poetic irony of this beer lies in its name, Ramble On. Per the folks at Starr Hill, “Ramble On IPA emphasizes our desire to constantly keep moving forward, to challenge ourselves and our consumer perception while maintaining the brewing quality they expect.” I think we can all embrace the concept of moving forward right now! I’ve never found the folks at Starr Hill to rest on their laurels either. Onward, upward. We’ve got this.

As for the beer, let’s jump in. This beer pours a cloudy dark gold with a killer white head that laces the glass as it goes down. On the nose the hop aromas are much more fruit forward, soft, pleasant. This translates to the palate where there is full flavor but it’s not aggressive but more juicy and approachable. I’m also able to pick out some of the malt breadiness which can be a challenge with IPAs. This beer fills the palate well, medium carbonation, medium body.

Final Snobs: I’m having trouble finding another beer to say that this one is like. At 7% ABV, this beer is no slouch but it’s also very drinkable. Unique, drinkable, I can certainly ramble on but I think you should try one for yourself. I’ll certainly be having another.

Onward! Prost!