Pretentious Beer Co | Hopetimism

Well gang, earlier today the world learned that the 2021 Tennessee Winter Beer Fest was canceled. Being as we’re a part of that board, I can tell you that it was not taken lightly by the group. We’re certainly living through some challenging times. However, those we surround ourselves make all the difference. We’ve got an incredible beer community here in fabulous Knox-Vegas and on deck today we have a beer from Pretentious Beer Company that they made just for the Tennessee Winter Beer Fest’s Beer for Hope project called Hopetimism. The fine folks at Pretentious have been significant supporters of not just the fest but of New Hope Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center. We sure do appreciate them and love ’em so! Let’s check out the beer.

Hopetimism is a wet-hopped IPA made with hops grown on in the patio garden at Pretentious Beer Co. How cool is that?! Just pouring this beer I get some a nice dank aroma. Upon smelling the beer I also find some pine, spice and some subtle fruit notes. This beer pours a clear gold-to-orange color with an excellent white head that lingers across the top of the beer. On first sip I am first greeted by a bit of malt sweetness before the hops come into play – resin, pine, spice. The body of this beer and the carbonation of this beer would both be considered medium. This beer has a great bitter finish but it does not dry the mouth. If anything it sets the palate up for the next sip.

Final snobs: In a world where cloudy IPAs abound, this is a breath of fresh air and I am digging it. The smile on my face may very well be because this reminds me so much of the IPAs that first hooked me many years ago.

Thanks to the fine folks at Pretentious Beer Co for doing this as a part of #Beer4Hope. There’s still Beer for Hope out there that we need to drink as the funds raised go to help New Hope Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center. Get out there and help us kick the kegs!