Bearden Brewhouse | Peace Was Never An Option

Howdy beer fans!

As I write this, the sun is shining, the warm embrace from our closest star greeted us all. It was a wonderful respite during these chilly days. While I enjoy the seasonal winter beers, bring on spring!

Up on deck today is a fun NEIPA from Bearden Brewhouse. It’s hard to believe that one of our very first posts 10 years ago was on the Bearden Beer Market. Things have certainly changed – for the better! This particular beer was picked up at McScrooge’s Wine and Spirits who has been doing a great job of bringing in as much local beer as they can. I was excited to find this one on the shelf. Let’s dive in.

First, this beer comes in the 19.2oz can which many have a love/hate relationship with. As this is an 8% beer, this might not be what you go for on a Monday evening and I get that. However, I like this size as it’s not so big that you couldn’t tackle this one all on your own on a Monday evening, if you wanted or you can share it with someone else.

This beer pours with a nice dark gold color, low clarity, somewhat hazy, and wonderful white head that laces the glass very well. On the nose I get a variety of hop aromas – pineapple, mango, a touch of citrus, flowers and a bit of earthiness. On the palate the fruit theme continues, the pineapple being the strongest flavor in my opinion but now I’m finding a bit more stone fruit as well. On the palate this beer has a medium body, low to medium carbonation and it coats the mouth well. Bitterness, at least in this snob’s opinion is low to medium. The fruit flavors seem to linger longer than the bitterness. At 8%, this beer hides it’s alcohol well as I’m finding it easy to take big sips.

Final snobs

Fun beer! Nice flavor, good aroma, I’d get this one again. Whether or not I’d share it or keep it to myself remains to be seen.