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If there were ever a beer named with me in mind, here it is. Those that know me have often heard me regale of the importance of both honoring and observing #TacoTuesday. In the days of old when we would travel for work, a Tuesday on the road meant finding the local taco spot, diving in, and sending photo evidence home so that my girls knew that both my belly and my soul were fed. Even now, with work from home still prevalent for this snob, we honor the tradition of #TacoTuesday.

Currently my oldest enjoys preparing what she considers the taco of choice – beef in a crunchy shell. She will acquiesce to my use of flour or corn tortillas but I fear this will be brought up in a future discussion. I have nothing against the crunchy shell but I find myself yearning for the soft fluffiness of the flour and the texture of the soft corn. From time to time will splurge a bit and get some Last Days of Autumn Brewing Birria tacos. These are, hands down, Knoxville’s best kept secret. If the angelic majesty of these tacos were more widely known, there would be a line down Magnolia every Tuesday evening until they sold out. You heard it here – watch Facebook – it’s almost every Tuesday.

Beer by Monday Night Brewing, Glass by Pretentious Glass Co and tacos (and homemade quac) by my daughter

However, on deck tonight we have a beer aptly named Taco Tuesday by the fine folks at Monday Night Brewing. Already, even before I have opened the can, I’m happy. How could I not be happy? While yes, I know that typically beers labeled as a Mexican lager aren’t the most flavorful, they have a purpose; to be consumed with tacos, and ideally some corn chips and salsa.

So, let’s check out this beer. Already as I pour the beer I smell a light grain scent. It certainly pours with a big ole white, thick head. The color is a light yellow or straw in nature and the beer is very clear. Hops are low in this one allowing the graininess to stand out. Light mouthfeel, high carbonation and a very slight hop bitterness at the end. Smooth and very drinkable at 4.5% ABV.

Final snobs: This is a fun beer from a brewery well known for quality. I find it funny that the brewery has “Monday” in the name and here’s Tuesday. No reason to stop there! While this beer would be great any day of the week, it’s also getting warmer and #TacoTuesday comes around every 7 days. This is one to have on deck in the beer fridge!


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