Eye-Laser Shoot’n Dinosaurs | Monday Night Brewing Death Raptor

From 7th grade through 12th I went to a prep school where I wore a necktie, every, single, day. Part of this, I assumed, or maybe I was told, was to prepare me for the professional world where I’d wear neckties daily. Fast forward to today and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn a necktie in the last three years. At least one of those was a daddy-daughter dance. Funny how things change. However, the way Monday Night brings the necktie to life in their branding reminds me of the neckties I used to wear. In this case, while I never had a necktie with Dinosaurs shooting laser’s from their eyes, I wish I had. I did have one with a pretty cool elephant and another one with Daffy Duck. I digress.

Let’s check out Death Raptor before those lasers gaze our way, shall we? This beer pours a great golden color, slight haze, nice white head that is delightfully persistent. On the nose I must say that I am excited to find I can pick out the malts very well with this beer despite the strong hop aromas! Citrus, pineapple, a touch of spice and bready malt-goodness. On the palate the hops and malts actually play nice together presenting a very flavorful fruitiness, tangerine/citrus goodness along with a subtle breadiness. On the palate I’d say this is more light to moderate in body, light to moderate in carbonation, and moderate to high in bitterness.

Final Snobs: While Monday Night has whimsically named this beer a Killer IPA, this beer isn’t a killer in terms of a palate killer. It is a wonderfully flavorful beer that reminds me more of a traditional American IPA. While I’ve marked the bitterness as moderate to high, it’s not a numbing or unpleasant bitterness by any stretch. Perhaps these eye-laser-shooting dinosaurs are nicer than we thought they’d be. Great beer, fun name, and no, I don’t miss the neckties.