Craft Bastard Brewery | First Strike IPA

Perhaps the best part of this beer isn’t what’s in the can, but what it represents.

First Strike represents the first original creation by the brewing team at Crafty Bastard’s, still-new, West Knoxville location. Many of us local beer folk know the incredible creative ability that exists within this brewery, the brewing capacity/space restrictions at the original location, and even the aspirations to one day have a bigger system – somewhere else – because who could give up the location at 6 Emory Place? Well, here we are. Not only is Crafty Bastard Brewery rocking two spots, but they have greatly expanded their brewing capacity (not to mention parking capacity) at their new spot out west. For all these reasons, this beer is special as it is the first of many great beers and great memories to come. Let’s check it out.

First of all, this beer was canned 3 days ago so we can say it’s pretty darn fresh. This beer pours a nice gold color with just a touch of orange, wonderful white, medium-bodied head and is slightly cloudy. On the nose I immediately find passionfruit, pineapple and perhaps a bit of a floral note. On the palate these aromas transfer well but I’d add that I find some citrus and maybe a touch of spice. The beer coats the palate extremely well, leaving a moderate bitterness that very much invites the next sip. I’d give this beer a medium body and medium carbonation. This beer clocks in at 7.6% ABV.

Final snobs: This is a fun first beer for the crew at Crafty Bastard West! I’m smiling as I know this beer is the first of many great things to come. Congrats to everyone at Crafty Bastard Brewing on taking this next step in your brewing journey. I look forward to raising many glasses with you in the future.