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Saw Works Brewing/Corks Wine & Spirits Collab | BBA Pumpkin Porter

7 November 2015 by , 1 Comment

If you weren’t aware, SWBC and Corks Wine & Spirits out in Turkey Creek have been experimenting with some beer. As the fine gentlemen at Corks like to brew as well, there have been a few opportunities to try a few different recipes with SWBC. Also, Corks just happens to have some Four Roses Barrels […]

Tallgrass Brewing Company 8-Bit Pale Ale vs. 16-Bit DPA

18 October 2015 by , 1 Comment

Howdy snobs, Rob and Don here for another dual post [alarm sounds go here]! On deck we have two beers from Tallgrass Brewing Company out of Manhattan, Kansas. First off, the graphics on these cans are awesome. As a child of the ’80’s and disciple of Nintendo, the whole play on old school video game […]

A very Beery Father’s Day

1 June 2015 by , No Comments

Hard to believe it’s June. That means Father’s Day is right around the corner and you may be wondering what to get old dad – or – you may be looking for a hint to send to the kiddos. We’ve got you covered. Here are a few ideas from the snobs: TICKETS:  What better way […]

Loirette – Brasserie De La Pigeonnelle

3 September 2014 by , 1 Comment

Howdy snobs, If the title of this post makes absolutely no sense, perfect. It’s a French beer and I have absolutely no idea what any of the above means. However, the fine people of Corks Wine & Spirits told me it was a must. If you haven’t noticed, due to the recent law changes our […]

Big Eddy Über-Oktoberfest

3 October 2013 by , No Comments

Howdy beer fans, Thought I’d screech in at the almost last minute with a post on an Oktoberfest beer that I’ve been meaning to write about for oh, say a month. Yeah, that’s right, I forgot about this one. Perhaps it was because it was buried behind other equally tasty brews or I was distracted […]

Ol’ Red – Cease & Desist

31 August 2013 by , No Comments

Howdy fellow snobs, I hope this post finds you well, perhaps with a cold beverage in hand. It would seem that we have been a bit remiss in our beer reviews as of late – and we have. It’s been a busy summer! That said, I thought it only prudent to try to get back […]

Crown Valley Brewing Big Bison Ale | Corks

25 June 2013 by , No Comments

Howdy beer fans, Happy Knoxville Craft Beer Week! Up on deck this evening I have a fine beer from Crown Valley Brewing who are out of the distant lands of Missouri. Now, while Grandpa Simpson may not recognize “Missour-ah” we here at KnoxBeerSnobs do recognize this fine state and the beer that flows forth from […]

Lagunitas Lucky 13 from our good friends at Corks

10 June 2013 by , No Comments

Hello brew fans.  I have to say I was not going to have a beer tonight but the day was a typical rough Monday so here you go.  We recently took a look at the new Wine/Liquor/High Gravity Beer store in Turkey Creek called Corks and I felt lucky to find this beauty there.  I […]

Lagunitas Imperial Stout | Corks

10 June 2013 by , No Comments

Howdy beer fans, I hope this fine June weather is treating you nicely. While the season would dictate a lighter, perhaps a more fruit-esq beer, to me a stout is a year round selection. Many like to pair it with deserts or end a flight of beers with one. I’ll take one anytime or anywhere […]

Strubbe IPA | Picked up from Corks Wine & Spirits

22 May 2013 by , No Comments

Hey fellow snobs out there.  I just left Corks and am now enjoying an IPA that hails from the folks at Brouwerij Strubbe Brewery in, you guessed it, Belgium.  Apparently this brewery has been around since the 1800’s.  Pretty cool if you ask me and one I would love to visit one day.  Check out […]