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Knoxville Brewer’s Association | Historical Lager

17 May 2019 by , No Comments

Friends, Knoxville Craft Beer Week is upon us. The week begins with the release of a Historical Lager that is a collaboration beer from all our Knoxville Breweries. The fine folks at Elkmont Exchange, Abridged and Alliance came together to formulate the details of the recipe – and they did a great job! We’ll be […]

Highland Brewing Company Wolfgang 1756 | Collaboration with Asheville Symphony Orchestra

12 March 2015 by , No Comments

I freely state I do not care for lagers. However, when it comes to lagers I keep finding myself saying “except” a lot. Perhaps I’m becoming more accepting of a wider array of beer styles or, perhaps, breweries that I trust and expect great things from keep sending hits over the fence. On deck tonight […]

Oktoberfest – Ayinger Oktober Fest – Märzen

24 August 2011 by , No Comments

The kids are back in school, we’re all getting excited about college football, and the August heat makes us realize the summer is nearing to a close. In the beer world this also means Oktoberfest is nigh. For those of us in the land of the free and home of the brave this mostly means […]

The Market in Maryville – Beer Tasting on 1/28/2011

29 January 2011 by , 2 Comments

Hello fellow beer snobs! For those of you who have been keeping an eye on the site, you may have noticed two weeks ago we posted on a beer tasting at The Market in Maryville. In that post we mentioned the next one was on 1/28 – this beer snob already had his spot reserved […]

The Market in Maryville – Beer Tastings Part II: The Beer

8 January 2011 by , No Comments

If you haven’t already checked out our post on the beer tasting’s The Market in Maryville does, be sure to check that out. We went to the one on 1/7 and had a great time and sampled some great beers – and as the title suggests, that’s what this post is about – the beer. […]

Magic Hat Winter Seasonal – Howl

26 November 2010 by , No Comments

So I had to run out earlier for stamps (what are those?) and I figured I’d stop by the local Kroger for something tasty. Honestly, I was going for some Highland Brewery Cattail Peak Wheat but I forgot it was a seasonal. That’s the great thing about seasonal beer though, there’s always something else to […]