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Southern Grist Brewing Company | Tuxedos and Top Hats

8 March 2019 by , 1 Comment

I keep a fair number of dark and sweet beers around as the Mrs enjoys them. Further, it’s kinda nice to be able to split a beer with her in the evenings when I don’t want to commit to a full beer before heading off to bed. Cedar Bluff Wine and Spirits posted on Instagram […]

Bearded Iris Brewing | Homestyle

28 May 2017 by , No Comments

I should have written about this beer months ago. Work, kids, travel, an exam I needed to focus on. Life has been busy. No excuse though. I’ve had this beer multiple times now and each time I think to myself that this is a beer worth talking about. By now many, if not most of […]

Brewing and Distilling Center Opens in East TN!!!

14 April 2017 by , 1 Comment

Hey gang, We’ve got a new opportunity to learn how to brew and distill in east Tennessee – the Brewing and Distilling Center. Check out the site and press release below. Pretty exciting! ————————————PRESS RELEASE———————————— The Brewing and Distilling Center Launches in East Tennessee FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Knoxville, Tennessee, April 14, 2017 – On April 14, 2017 […]

TN Beer Run! Beginning January 24, 2017

6 January 2017 by , 1 Comment

Howdy beer fans! If you haven’t already heard, Knoxville’s own Zack Roskop of Knox Brew Tours fame is headed across our fair state in an effort to visit every brewery this wonderful land of orange has to offer. We can sum this adventure up like this; epic. road. trip. If you’re not already following this […]

Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild – The Beginnings

20 July 2011 by , 1 Comment

While the merits of SB1224 are still being debated, one great thing that came out of this bill was the beginnings of the Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild. SB1224 caught many of us by surprise, including many of our resident TN brewers. Through acquaintances and grassroots efforts brewers and the beer community of this state were able to connect and speak […]