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Bearded Iris Brewing | Homestyle

I should have written about this beer months ago. Work, kids, travel, an exam I needed to focus on. Life has been busy. No excuse though. I’ve had this beer multiple times now and each time I think to myself that this is a beer worth talking about.

By now many, if not most of you, have experienced Bearded Iris Brewing out of Nashville. Bearded Iris is about the un-ordinary and variety which they are achieving with frequent releases that reach Knoxville with no problem. The only issue I see is that our local friends have trouble keeping it on the shelf as, well, we go and buy it all! That’s OK and a good problem to have. Especially as it seems that word of this brewery is spreading and people are taking note. We’ve got some incredible brewers in this fine state and Bearded Iris is one of them. On to the beer!

On deck we have what many consider their flagship beer, Homestyle. This is a big, cloudy IPA full of aroma and flavor. It pours with a wonderful head that releases volatile aromatics of citrus, fruit, pine and spice. Mosaic is used in this beer and it certainly shows in the aroma. The body is moderate the citrus and fruit notes carry through on the palate.  There is a subtle spice tingle and the mouth isn’t left dry as one might expect. Honestly this beer is surprisingly refreshing.

Final snobs: Excellent beer – one that is definitely worth finding – especially if you enjoy IPAs. Well done Bearded Iris!