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Starr Hill Brewery | Grateful Pale Ale – Remastered

Don’t rest on your laurels. Push. Improve. We certainly appreciate a brewery who is willing to look at a recipe and say, “we can make this better.” Starr Hill Brewery has done just that – again – this time with their pale ale – Grateful. Let’s check it out.

On the aroma I immediately find strong citrus flavors, grapefruit and a touch of spice. The beer presents a deep gold color, very clear with a prolific head that diminishes after a moment and retreats to the edges. On the tongue I find the citrus theme continuing, some white bread sweetness. The body is moderate – much more than I’d expect for a pale ale. Welcoming, not filling but it coats the mouth and palate very well. While I could see how some might think this beer teeters on the edge of what might be considered a session IPA, at 45 IBUS and 4.7% ABV it’s well within the pale ale style and still full of flavor.

Final snobs: This is a great “remastered” pale ale from Starr Hill. There are a lot of pale ales on the market – this one stands out and has reminded me how good this style can be. It’d pair well with foods with a citrus flair or simply a burger off the grill. Very well done and certainly one this snob will look for again.


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