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A Beer Snob Christmas List

20 November 2012 by , 4 Comments

Ho Ho Ho Fellow Snobs, It’s no surprise that Christmas is just around the corner. Our fellow friends in retail have been reminding us of that with decorative displays and copious amounts of decorations for sale since Labor Day weekend. At this rate, Valentine’s Day candy should be hitting the shelves any day now. That […]

Vic’s Beer Store | The Patio, Grand Opening, Epicness Guaranteed

17 September 2012 by , No Comments

For snobs in the know, once you get north of I-40 local beer stores are a little harder to come by. However, there has been an oasis at the corner of Schaad Road and Clinton highway for a while now that has kept us smiling and properly hydrated in fermented goodness – Vic’s Beer Store. I’ve […]

RJ Rockers – Black Perle

15 August 2011 by , 1 Comment

Hello fellow snobs! Tonight beer snob Don and I decided to root around in the ole beer fridge to see what I had. Low and behold we discovered this beauty. The irony is that as Don laid on the couch this afternoon he came across The Pirates of the Caribbean. As he dozed in and out […]

Rogue XS Russian Imperial Stout

2 August 2011 by , 4 Comments

Hello beer fans! I do hope this post finds you well and that you are staying cool in this summer heat! Even though many consider stouts to be more of a winter beer, I just can’t get enough of ’em. When I see the words ‘imperial’ and ‘stout’ together, well friends the only words that […]

Beer of the month at Vic’s: New Belgium High Gravs!

12 July 2011 by , No Comments

Hello fellow snobs! I hope this post finds you well. Tonight we’re doing a review on 3 – count ’em – 3 high grav beers from New Belgium that our friends at Vic’s have in stock. For a long time we haven’t been able to partake of the higher alcohol New Belgium brews, but no […]

Beer of the month at Vic’s: Fraoch Heather Ale

7 June 2011 by , 3 Comments

Ahoy hoy fellow snobs! It’s been a while since we’ve done a beer of the month for Vic’s so tonight we’re doing just that. Up on deck is Fraoch Heather Ale brewed by the Williams Brothers Brewery across the pond in Scotland. Not exactly sure how you pronounce “Fraoch” but we’ve been trying for a […]

American Craft Beer Week – May 16-22, 2011 – What Knoxville Beer Snobs Need to Know

13 May 2011 by , No Comments

Hello Fellow Beer Snobs! Earlier this week I posted a video regarding American Craft Beer week. If you missed it, here it is again. American Craft Beer week is about celebrating the culture and community of craft beer. Knoxville beer snobs, we have much to celebrate! It’s been a great year of growth for craft […]

Beer of the month at Vic’s: Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin

19 April 2011 by , No Comments

Hello fellow snobs! I hope this post finds you warm and dry – quite the storms we had this past weekend. Spring seems to be trying to make an appearance this evening and after a little wrench time under the hood of the car, I’m sitting down to a tasty beverage from our friends out […]

Fort Collins Brewery – Hellesbock

20 March 2011 by , 1 Comment

Hello fellow snobs! I have to say I am a little bit embarrassed right now. Earlier today I had identified a Fort Collins Common Ground as the beer I was going to review this evening. As I began the post I noticed in our fancy blog dealie (that’s a technical term – look it up) […]

Beer of the month at Vic’s: Marble Brewery

14 March 2011 by , 2 Comments

We here at KnoxBeerSnobs are working with our friends at Vic’s Package Store to bring you a beer of the month with benefits! This month, we’re looking at more than just one beer, but a handful, all from one brewery. Those of us who consider ourselves local beer snobs are very familiar with Marble Brewery […]