Knox Beer Snobs

Bell’s Beer – Two hearted ale

A post from the road here – one from our nation’s capital as a matter of fact – I found a little pizza shop around the corner from my hotel that just happened to boast Two Hearted Ale on their online menu and honestly, pizza aside, I was in. This is a brew we don’t see too often in our fair Knox-vegas and rumor has it that our own KnoxBeerSnob Don has actually driven to Bruisin’ Ales for a keg of this very brew.

Oh, and apologies for the pic of the partial pint – I couldn’t help myself. Two Hearted Ale is a pale ale but it so much of a pale ale that it could be confused for an IPA – I’ve heard it done, but its not, it’s a pale ale – don’t make that mistake. ABV cranks in at 7.0% and not only does it smell good to the nose, it finishes awesome on the palate giving the flavor of hops and a little bit of a fruit or sweet taste. It pour clear with a bit of a dark golden tint. Did I mention I love this beer?

If you like pale ales or even fancy yourself as an IPA snob – you gotta check this brew out.