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Marble City Brewing Company – Part One

There is a bright light emanating from 708 East Depot Avenue that has not been there for quite some time. Many of us in the Knoxville area have been familiar with the site once occupied by the New Knoxville Brewing Company. However, the lights have been off and the clanking of beer bottles and the scent of fermenting beer has long since vanished.

In July 2006 Jonathan Borsodi arrived in Knoxville to start the law firm of McGehee, Cole and Borsodi. A few years later a friend of Jonathan’s discovered the defunct New Knoxville Brewery which when Jonathan heard about this it sparked the dream that many of us have had; to have their own brewery.  He contacted his friend and cousin Adam Palmer to come down for a visit and to discuss plans for taking advantage of the site and equipment.  Subsequently the dream has become a reality and Marble City Brewing Company was born.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Adam a few days ago and I am very impressed with the ideas he and his master brewer Jennifer Muckerman have for Marble City.  This is not the what many of us knew as New Knoxville Brewing Company.  The only similarity is the building; everything else is brand spanking new — new management, new brewer, new objectives, and most importantly, NEW BEER!!!   If you retain anything out of this blog entry it needs to be that.

O.K. now to the good stuff.  Adam has been incredibly generous to us at KnoxBeerSnobs by extending an invitation to visit this wonderful establishment and to spend some time with their talented brewer in the not-too-distant future. We at KnoxBeerSnobs are always excited to see new beer in Knoxville in any capacity be it new stores or additions of taps in restaurants and bars. However, a new brewery in our own backyard? That’s news my friends, that’s BIG news. You may have already heard that they already have their federal beer permits and have started making batches to sell hopefully as soon as next month.

We’ll post shortly about our visit to this new establishment. With any luck we’ll get a good idea where they’re headed, what’s on tap and we may even have a few pictures to boot. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about the opportunity to go check this place out not only for KnoxBeerSnobs but also for what these guys mean for Knoxville.