Knox Beer Snobs

I am the King of Hop, there is none higher, sucker DIP’s call me SIRE..

Why do I love being a KnoxBeerSnob?  The best part is the friends we have made along the way especially when they send you beer, you get to taste said beer and do a write-up for you folks.  Star Hill Brewing became one of those great friends.  One day this little beauty arrived in Knoxville and I was very happy it did.  I was not able to get to the post before Snob Rob and I headed to Maryville for the inaugural Hops in the Hills brewfest.   Low and behold our buds at Star Hill were onsite, the King of Hop came along for the ride and I was happy to imbibe.

The aroma on this beauty was fantastic and full of resinous citrus hops imparting a wonderful floral aroma coming from loads of hops from the Pacific Northwest.  The color is a nice golden with a slight orange.  The taste was awesome, a great balance between hops and malts, not too bitter, not to sweet.  One thing that stands out to me is the crispness of this DIPA.  The alcohol is very well hidden for hitting 7.5% leading to a very refreshing drink. I would certainly track one down here in Knoxville.