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The Why, When and Where of the Band Saw Fest

The Why:

Band Saw 2015 Poster

Isis, The Taliban, Fast Food Establishments.  All over the world there are organizations/ individuals that have one soul purpose in life and that is the inhalation of Americans and the freedom that we stand for.  No one knows where, why or when it started but it is going strong and will never end.  Spin around 180 and we have the Armed Forces, brave men and women whose sole purpose in their life is to protect the innocent and oppressed, all over the world, 24/7 365.  That is you, me, your family, my family, everyone no matter where you live, no matter what country. They are away from their homes and families on tours that can last anywhere from months to years.  At some time the tour does end and these brave souls get to come home, but unfortunately this is not where the battle ends.  The Military provides around two weeks of debriefing for the returning soldiers which is not any where near the amount that these courageous souls need, especially if you were injured in action. Enter in Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.  I had the pleasure of meeting one of the first members of this fantastic organization, Mr. Josh Callihan, when I stopped by Saw Works one day to grab a pint. Josh, having gone though many tours before being injured, knows first hand what these soldiers go through and the support from one of their own that they so desperately need.   Having found the reincarnation that he needed through Healing Waters he now dedicates his time by traveling anywhere he is needed in support of our brave men and women.


NED Box (2)The When and Where:

Josh has teamed up with Saw Works Brewing to create the No Easy Day IPA which part of the proceeds from sales will go to Project Healing Waters and  you can try it first hand at the Band Saw Festival/ 5th Anniversary of Saw Works/ charity event. Next Saturday, August 15th, a few hundred folks will enjoy 8 hours of food from Forks On The Road, Gonzo Gourmet and Retro Taco, music from Jay Clark, Kelsey’s Woods, Sunshine Station, Hudson K and The Lower Caves, and of course Saw Works beer.  The tickets are $25.00 for general and that includes two beers and the rest are $3 bucks after or you can get 4 tasty brews for $10 bucks.  Now these are full pints so say you buy your tickets and bring $25 bucks you will have plenty for food 8 pints of tasty beer and bad ass music.  That is a deal.  If you want to go the VIP route for $50 bucks you get to head in to the Mill and enjoy the air conditioning and free food as well as special beers like a Bourbon Barrel English Bitter as well as beers from the new Last Days of Autumn Brewery.  The VIP beers in the Mill will be all you can drink for a limited time during the day so stay tuned.  The event will take place on the street in front of Saw Works at 708 E.Depot Street. Proceeds from the fest will go straight to Healing Waters.  For tickets head on over here.

Sounds like a party to me, and if you look closely you might see a KnoxBeerSnob slingin brews for y’all.