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Starr Hill | Whiter Shade of Pale White IPA

Howdy fellow snobs!

Up today we have a rare dual post [alarm sounds go here]! Don and I are actually together, at the same time, reviewing the same beer much like in the days of pre-children. I had to fake a plumbing incident to get him over here but Don wasn’t too upset to find out he packed his tools for nothing.

Starr_Hill_Whiter_ShadeOn deck is another great beer from Starr Hill called Whiter Shade of Pale. This beer won the World Beer Cup 2014 Gold Award in the American-Belgo-Style category – pretty cool honor and we’re enjoying this one so far. As a matter of fact, Don drank half of his before I had my first sip.

This beer pours with a nice half inch head sitting atop a beautiful golden base. On the nose, we’re getting citrus, touch of pine, is that tangerine? Honestly, it’s hard to get a nose as someone is making tacos upstairs. That said, we’re probably missing a few scents. On the tongue, this beer starts with a big fruity sweet note which quickly shifts to a hop bitterness leaving the palate dry and ready for the next sip. This beer clocks in at 7.5% and 45 IBUs which has made for a very nice middle ground as far as alcohol content goes.

Final snobs: Given the expediency of Don’s sampling, this beer goes down very quick. It’s got a great flavor with a dryness that leads quickly to the next sip. We can see why it won at the World Beer Cup. Great beer, we’ll be looking for more of this.