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Starr Hill Brewery | The Hook Grapefuit Session IPA

It’s a beautiful evening in East Tennessee. I’m sitting outside listening to Dave Matthews Band in Central Park. The sun is starting to set, the cool air begins to move through, it doesn’t get much better than this. Well, unless you’ve got a tasty beverage, then yes, yes it gets better.

Starr_Hill_The_HookOn deck tonight we have a session IPA from our friends in Charlottesville, Virginia – The Hook Grapefruit Session IPA that certainly checks all the boxes. This beer pours copper with a nice head – on the nose, grapefruit (as the name would suggest), citrus, pine. On the tongue the flavors carry through, sweet more than bitter, It fills the mouth, coating every crevice and lingers as it suggests you take another sip. At 4.9% this is a beer you could easily have more than one of and as far as this snob can recollect, this may be one of the more flavorful “session” IPAs I have had.

Final snobs: If you are looking for a flavorful session IPA to pair with this killer weather we’re having, look no further. This is definitely a summer beer, and an enjoyable one at that.


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