Highland Brewing Company | Pilsner

When we started this blog over 5 years ago if you had asked me if I ever thought we’d be reviewing a pilsner from an American beer company I may have laughed at you. My, how things change – both in terms of the broad spectrum of beers I now enjoy and in terms of the high quality beer being churned out across this great country. Highland has definitely upped their game in the last few years and they’ve now introduced a pilsner in the market – AND – this pilsner can also be found in bottles AND cans.

Highland_PilsnerThe beer: This beer pours straw in color with a nice long lasting head (although you wouldn’t know it from the pic as I had some issues with focus). The head does linger across the top and edges of the beer though. On the nose I find a little grass, stonefruit and perhaps just a touch of flower. On the tongue this beer brings forth a moderate hop bitterness with both sweet, spicy and bitter flavors. The stone fruit certainly carries through and perhaps even a touch of pineapple. This beer coats the mouth and leaves a gentle bitterness that make the next sip very easy. At 5.5% ABV this is a very drinkable beer and perfect for a hot day.

Final snobs: I now have now found a pilsner in a can (or bottle as in this case) that I will buy over and over again. Highland hit the German Pils style dead on with a well attenuated, moderate body and appropriately balanced beer. Well done!


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