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Blackhorse Pub & Brewery | Vanilla Cream Ale

I should have written about this beer a long time ago. Perhaps I was in denial – a cream ale that I not only like, I love it. Yes, a cream ale. Since I have not had a cream ale that I liked nearly as much and I’ve found myself comparing other cream ales to this one. I’ll admit, it has an edge – the vanilla bean.  It has another edge, it’s a Tennessee beer and about as American as they come. American? How so? The brewery name, Blackhorse, comes from the Eleventh Calvary Regiment of the US Army which is a nod to proprietor Jeff Robinson’s time in the service. Great name, great background. On to the beer.

Blackhorse_VanillaThis beer pours gold, clear with a white fluffy head. Scents of vanilla abound – not overwhelming. It reminds me of my childhood when my grandmother would give us Nilla Wafers as an afternoon snack. On the tongue hop bitterness is exceptionally low if present at all but the vanilla continues. Light, crisp, coats the palate and certainly fits the bill on a hot summer day. There is a reason that cream ales are known as “lawnmower beers” and this one is certainly that and more.

Final snobs: A great, if not fun, cream ale that I’m always thrilled to see on tap around town. We’ve also done some mixing with this beer and stouts – which is always fun. Regardless, it stands alone very well and is incredibly enjoyable. It also makes a fun gateway beer to those new to craft beer. Blackhorse does a ton of great beer (their IPA is awesome – another post perhaps) but this one surprised me the first time I had it and continues to be a beer that makes me smile.  While this one was in a can, go by the brewery if you can. It’s also easily found on tap around town.

Jeff, not only do we thank you for making awesome beer but also for your service.


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